Janice Grieves is a highly qualified colour specialist and has trained with many different companies over the years. She is a qualified to coach in the art of colouring and corrective treatments which helps to ensure all of the staff at Hairport are operating to the NVQ standards.

Some corrective work is the result of insufficient product knowledge or from a combination of incompatible colours, whether it be by a hairdresser or home use of chemist products. It is very easy to make a mistake, but not as easy to fix.

Colour correction is a highly specialised area of hairdressing and carried out properly can save the hair from further damage.

The WORST thing to do is put another colour on top of an accident unless you know exactly what reaction and result to expect.

At Hairport we use Montebel.lo and MATRIX for our colour work, we also offer organic PPD free hair colouring and have in-salon training from all companies regularly to keep up with new products and developments.

When we are contracted to repair for insurance purposes we advise we strongly advise fellow salon owners to have a written acceptance of offer before paying for the treatments, we will then carry out repair work in a confidential manner.

Our policy is not to offer follow up appointments when another salon/stylist has paid for contracted work unless further treatments are required.

A skin test 48 hours prior to recolouring may be required.

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